Feb 8:

Food and eating well are a huge part of who we are as a family.  The cost of food in Grenada is extremely high, so I’m in the process of not only making sure we continue to eat well, but figuring out how to do that on a very tight budget.

Some of the challenges I’m up against are:

  • Grocery shopping once a week- in the US were accustomed to getting what we want, when we want it. Well, not here. The grocery store gets their shipment mid/end of week. Once the shipment is received you have a 48 hour window to shop if you want things to be available. And, even then, often times they still aren’t there. This also means LOTS of planning ahead, not my strong suit. 
  • Cost- some of the stuff that we love and are used to eating regularly are now unaffordable. For example, a package of fresh strawberries ranges from $10-15 depending on the week.  A peanut butter that fits my health standards (well, given my options) is about $10/jar. A 4-oz container of hummus is about $6, in the US we were paying that for 16-oz!

But there’s good news too. Local fruits and vegetables are very affordable so I’m learning how to cook with them. Also, many items at the grocery store have a local option, so if you avoid some of the main brands that you are used to, you can actually get around paying the high price on many things. For example, we found local yogurt and bread that we really like! A lot of the things are are really unaffordable are the branded/packaged foods, which should be avoided anyway since they aren’t good for you (cereals, frozen pizzas, etc). So I guess my point is, yes it’s going to be a challenge but I think it’s very doable!

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