Feb 11/12: With the kids on midterm break I was not able to get in a full workout but I squeezed in my burpees/plank! Back in full swing tomorrow so hoping to get a full workout in!

Feb 10: 80 BURPEES (with a push-up)… OUCH!  Thankfully the kids were home so I had the two cutest cheerleaders on the planet. They stood out there with capes, masks and pom-pon’s cheering me on.  Talk about motivating! Then they did abs with me too.

Feb 9: I had WAY too much fun and go caught up in my day and did NOTHING … except hike the rainforest with the kids. I even skipped my 40 burpee/plank a day which means tomorrow is going to be brutal.

Feb 8:

So many of my past training and group fitness clients have asked for information on what I’m doing for workouts in Grenada. So, I thought I would add this as a section of my blog.

I am still settling into a routine and getting the baby on a nap schedule, so my workouts are not very planned yet. I am winging it day to day based on how much time I have and whether or not I have the opportunity to run (i.e. Chris is home studying and Beck is napping).

But to give myself some consistency and a challenge I set a 40 a day burpee goal (the REAL ones, push-up at the bottom!) and a plank a day. For my plank, I hold it for as long as possible, but I have to hold it at least as long (hopefully longer) than the day before.

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