There is more to life …

It has been 145 days since I’ve been to Target. 145 days since I walked aimlessly through a store, Starbucks coffee in hand, justifying random purchases in my head … and ultimately putting them in my cart. Target was the $150 store for me; I couldn’t escape without spending at least that. I used to go to Target weekly, if you’re even remotely good at math you can quickly see that I, alone, was paying Target’s monthly power bill. Now, factor in Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Costco, etc., etc. … now, keep in mind, I’m frugal to a fault, so it’s not as if I was just spending money frivolously. But I could, at any time, go out and get what I wanted whenI wanted it.

Needless to say, my shopping life has slowed down a bit. Life in general has slowed down … Island time, as they call it. There is no Target. Actually there is nothing even remotely close to being in the same category as Target. There are grocery stores, which at any given time are out of 5-10 things on your list. Not only are they out of many things but everyone moves much  s  l  o  w  e  r.  Um, have you met me? Patience is not my strong suit. My point? In general, shopping is not a super fun experience.

Our first month here, I did a ton of exploring and shopping to get us settled. I found some of the things we needed but in most cases we just learned to live without. It is amazing how resourceful you can be when you have no other choice. Often times you can find exactly what you need, but it will be poor quality and 4 times more than you’d pay in the states. I’m far too stubborn for that (I guess you’re learning all of my character flaws tonight). I’m not going to lie, there have been days that I’ve allowed all of this to get the best of me. I have gotten angry, frustrated, and sad. But, those days are getting WAY fewer and farther between.

Now that I can’t just go shop, I’ve had plenty of time to ‘reflect’ on shopping. I think that no matter what I bought on my shopping adventures, I always left thinking, “I wish I could buy ____.” There was always some great find that it just wasn’t the right time for, and of course, it would occupy my mind for a bit … I think this probably happens to most of us. Or, I would go on a 3 day/20 store hunt for the “perfect” dress for some upcoming event. What a waste of time, energy and money! Of course, this is easy for me to say because I now have an outside perspective.

Guess what?? I have a point … or, at least, I think I do. I can HONESTLY say that I’d rather be sitting here with my glass of wine, writing my blog, and planning for my day tomorrow with my babes, then walking through any (fill in the blank) store. No lie people! It took 4 of the 5 months we’ve been in Grenada, but I can truly say that I don’t need, or really even want to go to Target (or wherever). I hope, HOPE, that I can keep this frame of mind even after we’re back in the states for good. I feel like a better, healthier person and I wish I could bottle the feeling. Tomorrow, while spending time with my kids, I won’t have that “super cute $350 chair from TJ Maxx” in the back of my mind, I will just, truly, be playing with my kids.

P.S. If any of you are sitting in my driveway right now with your private jet, waiting for me to hop in, to take me for a latte and kidless stroll around Target, I probably won’t turn you down.

3 responses to “There is more to life …

  1. Kristi, I truly love reading your blog. Whenever you type a new entry, I read it right away. I feel as though I can relate to each and every post. You have a gift my friend 🙂 Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite 🙂

  2. I love you! I can’t wait for you to come home so I can take you to Target, TJ Maxx, Starbucks, lunch …

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