Little B

I think Becket was almost a week old when one of our visitors said, “Oh, A, B and C, was that on purpose?” I looked up confused, we didn’t even realize that the kids names started with A, B, and C … so, obviously it was unintentional and technically, they are A, C and B. But, who knew that Becket would not only bridge the letter gap in the names of his siblings, but also serve as the glue for our little family as we started on our crazy Grenadian adventure.

Ava and Cooper were only 15 months apart, so after Cooper we proclaimed we were “done.” That lasted maybe a year. Then we went back and forth, well, maybe we’ll have another. No, let’s not. Well, maybe we should wait a few years and then have two more. No, we just got done with bottles and diapers, let’s be done. Seriously?! Make a damn decision. Eventually we agreed that if we vacillated for this long then clearly there was a reason. Experience shows that when the Schalow’s make a decision like this, there is a big announcement about 10-12 weeks later. Sure enough, round 3 wasn’t any different.

We waited until about week 8, when we could no longer hide my expanding waistline, to tell the kids. They were ecstatic. We were all convinced we were having a girl. We all went together to the 20 week ultrasound and the room was silent when she said, “it’s a boy!” We weren’t disappointed, just in shock … well, Ava shed a few tears, but then later decided she was thankful not to have a baby sister because she really didn’t want to get stuck playing with dolls and Barbie’s (she’s a tomboy just like her momma).

Becket arrived at a pretty crazy time for us. I was just a year into owning my own businesses, and we knew Grenada was a possibility at the time but we didn’t know for sure yet. But somehow, he slid right into his place in our life. He has such a sweet spirit, he’s so relaxed (we call him Mr. Chill), and SO happy. I mean, we’ve honestly won the baby lottery! The kid is always smiling.

The coolest part about him being in our life, has been watching the big kids with him. They absolutely adore him and put him before everything. Cooper can spend an hour building himself a race track and Becket will crawl over and knock it down in seconds. Cooper, who typically wouldn’t handle something like this very well, just giggles and says, “B!” and then gives him a giant hug and tells him how silly he is. It’s heart melting.

Since we’ve been in Grenada, life hasn’t been exactly ‘ideal’ … if you haven’t gathered that from my past posts. But none of us can stay upset, frustrated, crabby or sad for too long thanks to Little B. The house could be crumbling around him and he’d be sitting in the middle of room dancing and smiling, he has no idea … all 4 of us take lessons from him daily. We hear him wake up from a nap and we all run to be the first one to walk in his room to see his little smiling face peering through the crib bars. That infectious little smile gets us all. I can be dealing with the meltdown of the century in the other room and then suddenly we’ll hear shrieking and go into the kitchen to find Becket splashing himself in the dog’s water, happy as a frickin’ clam, just smiling and giggling like he’s discovered the baby fountain of youth. Suddenly, ‘the who’s using which crayon’, argument disappears and we’re all engulfed in him. He’s a little light in all our lives that we couldn’t live without, especially now.

The nights I lost sleep over, ‘do I want another one’ … ‘can we afford it’ … ‘will the kids be happy’ … ‘is there too big of an age gap’ … ‘is it the right time’ … ‘is 3 too many’ … it was all so crazy! What I’ve learned is that we want what we want, when we want it. Circumstances, likely, will never be perfect. So, like they say, “Wear the fancy perfume!” If you want something bad enough, go for it, the ‘timing’ doesn’t matter, it will all work itself out.

So, Little B, Beck Beck, Beck-a-roo-roo, Beckers, Baby B, Bee’s Knee’s, B-roni, Becks … thank you for your constant smiles, your go-with-the-flow attitude, your snuggles, your silly little habits … you truly are our glue. No matter how much we butt heads, how bad or frustrating our days can be sometimes, we all have you here waiting to greet us with that charming little face of yours. You make everything else disappear buddy.


3 responses to “Little B

  1. I love reading your blog Kristi, reminds me of being a stay at home mom raising my little ones. Go with the flow, enjoy every moment, as I see that you do. They do grow so fast!

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